Sightseeing in Dubai - Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai


If you are planning a Dubai tour and have never been there before, you will be pleased to know that sightseeing in Dubai is not difficult at all. Even if you don't have any travel experience, all you need to do is get a rental car or even better, a Dubai travel guide. Dubai is a city and semi-autonomous region in the United Arab Emirates with extraordinary architecture, luxury shopping and a dynamic nightlife scene. Burj el Arab, the highest and most glittering tower, dominates the skyline.

Just offshore at the Persian Gulf is the spectacular Burj el Arab. At its feet lie many glamorous hotels, some with stunning views over the sea and Arabian Sea. At its tip is the world-renowned Burj al Arab ski resort, which are the most popular winter destination in the region, and where you can also enjoy sightseeing in Dubai. In summer months, the world-famous al hijra beach attracts a crowd of sun-trotting, water sports enthusiasts who come to enjoy the water's warmth and marine life.

Palm Jumeirah is also among the top destinations for sightseeing in Dubai. It is an island paradise located in the UAE and offers visitors a chance to experience the best of local cuisines, shopping offerings and culture. Among the popular shopping places here are Mas Al Fuzha, Jumeriah Beach and Al Hajar Mountains. A desert safari in the areas near Palm Jumeirah gives the chance to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the area's natural settings.  View here the Palm Tower.

Other sightseeing destinations in Dubai include Creek, which is famous for its lively nightlife and is a popular tourist spot among the locals. The Creek is also known as the Venice of the East, and is famous for its fountains and other water features. Al Hajar Mountains provides the perfect place for a relaxing trek amidst the green and verdant landscape of the region. For an ultimate luxury travel experience, head to the top of Mount Abu Dhabi and stand at the base of the mountain. From there, it is only a short drive to various other impressive places in Dubai, all of which are great places to visit in Dubai at night.

Sheikh Zayed mosque is a must-see attraction in Dubai; here, you will get to see the twin towers of the world's tallest buildings, and learn about the history of the country and the faith. If you are looking for some good sightseeing during your stay in Dubai, the sheikh baqi can be a great place to visit after visiting the famous al Hajar Mountains. Also popular as the largest park in the world, this park features many attractions for families and nature lovers. It's also a great place to get some sun tan, if you have some time to spend on a tour to the area.

Last but not least on our list of must-visit tourist attractions in Dubai are the Al Mamzar or the Miracle Garden. This tourist attraction is known to contain gardens that are thousands of years old, and the plants grow there without any help from humans or other elements. In order to get a closer look at the amazing scenery, you can take a trip to the Al Mamzar Garden, which houses a natural hot spring known for its therapeutic benefits. The most famous plant growing here is the Orchid. If you are a real botanist, then this is the perfect place to research on the wonders of the earth. Take a look at Palm Tower Dubai.

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