Sightseeing in Dubai


Sightseeing in Dubai is the ultimate experience of a lifetime. Located on the Arabian Desert, it has the most amazing natural sights and attractions, providing the ultimate sand dunes and wildlife-viewing experiences. Dubai is also a cosmopolitan city and emirate within the united Arab Emirates with some of the most prominent luxury shops, ultramodern architecture, ultra-modern architecture and a dynamic nightlife scene. Burj Al Arab, which is a tower-shaped, eight-storey building, dominates the skyline.

In stark contrast to the image of Dubai as a desert resort, Burj Al Arab actually is an oasis. On the horizon are sand dunes covered in plants and palm trees and offering the ideal spot for a sightseeing or holiday break. Just offshore at Arabian Desert Safaris, located on the opposite side of the Burj Al Arab is the world famous Jumeirah Beach. Here you can do a sightseeing from the palm trees on the beach or take part in a fun water-ski race, take a dip in the sea or indulge in a round of golf or tennis.

Moving on, if you are looking for something a little bit more exciting, then head to the dune bashing. Here you can try your hand at dune bugging, camel riding and other activities. You can also opt for a Dubai safari and drive through the desert. If you have little children with you, they will love a camel ride on a dune. One of the must-do activities during a Dubai desert safari is to lie on top of a sand dune for a few minutes and feel the cooling breeze blowing off the sand. If you get bored with the sand dunes, then you can take a boat ride to explore the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba.  Take a look at Palm Jumeirah.

To finish off a day time safari in Dubai, make sure you stop at one of the many shopping malls for an evening meal. At the end of the day, after you have had a chance to tour Dubai, the last thing you need to do is head out to one of the many restaurants for dinner. Whether it is lunch or dinner, you are guaranteed to be entertained and the prices are extremely affordable.

Finally, for a bit of culture and history, try a visit to the Palm Island. This is another great site located in Dubai and is surrounded by palm trees. On each side of the island, water fountains line the paths and you can relax in the cool waters of the fountain while watching the fish swimming by. Another great thing about Palm Island is that on every calendar day, there is free diving from noon until two in the afternoon. There is also a Palm beach picnic area which is great for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Sightseeing in Dubai doesn't have to cost you a fortune as there are plenty of cheap hotels in Dubai that offer guest super rates. These hotels usually come fully furnished with a home cooked meal and they offer unlimited drinks and soft drinks. Once you have had your fun sightseeing in Dubai, you can return to your luxurious hotel room for a well deserved relaxing night's sleep. So if you are planning a trip to Dubai, you don't have to break the bank in order to enjoy yourself. Just find the best places to sightsee and spend your time in the most enjoyable way. Find here The View.

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